09 January 2006


I got my cousins this game for Christmas. I anticipated them wanting to play the game right away so I even bought them the batteries. And I was right...they wanted to play right away. We opened the box, and was ready to put the game together. We took everything out and to everyone's disappointment, the butterfly nets and the butterflies were missing. So sad, my cousins were so upset. We told them it was broken and we had to buy a new one. The whole day, they were asking for "elephant." It took me forever to find another one. I went both Target and Wal-Mart several times before I found one. When I got home I told MG to open the box and make sure that all the parts were in there. To our surprise the butterfly nets and butterflies were not in the box. I was baffled. How can this happen twice? We were ready to put everything back in the box and return the game, when MG decided to be smart and check the elephant out. Curious, he took the elephant apart and viola...found the nets and the butterflies. Did we feel dumb.

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