30 April 2008

No time to blog

Haven't had time to blog lately. Makes me wonder why I still have this open. Been really busy, so can't wait for my vacation to start. Two more weeks and I'll be in Boston. Hopefully its not raining so I can walk around during my down time at the conference. I'm flying straight from Boston to NY. I feel like such a traveler. I have a list of places that I want to visit...hmmm...where did I put that list. Crossing my fingers that we can find some Wicked tickets from TKTS. There really isn't anything I want to watch. Since TKTS doesn't list what shows they have available til just right before they start I'm putting all my eggs in that basket.

Been craving to do a craft project. Eventhough I'm designing everyday at work, there are so many rules to try to keep things in brand. I needed to create something out of the box. Made these save that dates for a friend. She didn't really ask me to make them so really these are just for fun. Unless she likes one of them. I didn't post the ones with their pictures for obvious reasons and the info is FPO.

03 April 2008

Poor Reggie

Don't know how it happened but Reggie got herself an anal gland infection. The vet says that some dogs are just prone to having it and might become a recurring problem. Lets all cross our fingers that it doesn't.

I first noticed it last Friday. It was actually pretty gross. I gave her a bath Saturday morning to get a better look and I just freaked out. I called the vet right away to get her in for a check up. I called my sister and told her I couldn't go home for a visit and just started crying. Hard to believe that a little dog can make someone feel like such a bad mother.

She had her follow up visit today. Better, but not 100%. We'll be back at the vets in another week. Hopefully the antibiotics shes on has done its job by then.