17 July 2008

I Want to Hold Your Hand....

...or not. If you look closely, this ad, though clever is pretty disgusting. The first hand has a band aid on it and then there is the hairy one. Yikes.

While we were in NY we always had hand sanitizer or wipes close by. The other people on the subway must of thought we were a couple of germaphobes. The question isn't whose hand you're holding, its how many.

Kick the habit

Would this smoking lounge help you kick your habit? Obviously it didn't help these two.

16 July 2008


Today is my Lolos birthday. It been 5 years since he passed.

This might be a little bias but, he was the most loving, kind, mellow grandpa. He made trucker hats cool before Ashton Kutcher. He wore one everyday for as long as I can remember. One of his favorite shows was the Price is Right. Every time I catch Price is Right on TV, I got back to those summer days where we would sit on the couch together and watch his favorite show. I wonder what he would think of Drew Carey?

13 July 2008

Green never looked so good

R gave me Gorgeously Green for mothers day this year and since then I've been slowly introducing myself to the environments friends, natural and organic. There is a very small selection of natural home care products at target and if you don't know where to look you miss this.

J.R. Watkins Watkins Natural Home Care products. With labels this beautiful how can you not turn green. Only weird thing is, they don't sell refills?

Beautiful People—Jim Sturgess

While M was at his softball bbq yesterday, I decided to stay home and watch Across the Universe instead. I've owned the movie since it came out but never had the time to watch it. I found myself captivated by Jude played by Jim Sturgess. I think I found myself a new person to drool over. Not only is he a pretty face, but he can sing.

12 July 2008

Road Block

I woke up this morning a little depressed and creatively starved. Then I saw this shadow created by my front gate and was instantly rejuvenated.

Something as simple as a shadow reminded me that beauty and creativity can be found everywhere and I just had to get up off my couch to find it.

Thought I would share how my wedding invitations were going. We are still at paper picking stage. My printer was kind enough to do some mock ups for me. This is not the final design...but it does have the look I want it to have.

11 July 2008

New found love

Recently, I've taken a liking to vodka. I was for a very long time a Jack Daniels kind of girl....but with these beautiful labels I think I found a new love.

07 July 2008

No fireworks here

It was a quiet 4th of July around here. After a whirlwind of events the last few weeks, the San Diego fair, birthday parties, visitors and dinners it was nice just to stay home. Poor Reggie, after two whole days of mommy and daddy being home, she couldn't even take us leaving for an hour. She cried and cried when we left and when we got back she was still crying. I hope she wasn't crying the whole time we were gone.