20 June 2008


I guess my jet setting days have been postponed. I was planning on flying to Portland next month for my aunts 50th birthday. She lives in Vancouver Washington and I few of us were going to fly up there to surprise her. Well, my uncle's parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary so he couldn't plan 2 things at one time. Men. J/K So the trip has been cancelled. I guess we can plan to go up there another time. The tickets were kinda expensive anyways so I guess I could save that for another trip. Maybe stash it for the Disney World trip for next year.

19 June 2008


Due to a hide and seek accident when I was young, I have a fear of wire hangers. Lets just say closet...hanger..eye. I don't think I need to tell you more than that. When I saw this hanger art I totally had a flash back. You won't see me at this exhibit. But I have to say, this is pretty amazing.

09 June 2008

Lychee Martini

While I was in NY I had the best lychee martini at the Republic in Union Square. So every time I saw it on the menu I had to order one just to compare. R and I decided to make our own one day. The recipe called for some vermouth which made it very bitter. And the only lychee juice R can find, had Hello Kitty on the bottle. Needless to say, our version was not the same.

At my aunts birthday party this past weekend, my cousin introduced me to Soho Lychee Liqueur. So good. Just add some vodka and you are good to go. So good, that I'm planning on sending R some as a thank you gift for letting us stay at their place.

03 June 2008

Jet Setter

I feel like such a jet setter. A few days in Boston and then straight to New York.

I've never experienced getting yelled at by a cab driver until Boston. It was kinda weird. And I never knew I can get sick of lobster. I have to say though, the buildings in Boston are beautiful.

The How Conference really wasn't what I expected. I have mixed feelings about it. I am very grateful that work sent me, but I think I set my expectations too high. I should of scheduled more fun sessions, instead of trying to cram in as much CSS training as I can. I also felt like some of the presenters weren't as prepared as they should of been. The resource center was totally awesome though. I actually got my pack and ship box today. So I guess the best part of the conference was the Veer guys and the resource center. Still, it was a great time.

And then there is New York.

I always have fun when I go there. I didn't do as much shopping as I really wanted to, but M did come home with a whole new wardrobe. I did get myself a little souvenir...New York City in a bag from MUJI.

Also spent a day in the country. R has a little house in Catskill that had an awesome view of the Hudson River. It was really breath taking.

Did I mention we even made to to New Jersey. M and I went to an old friends wedding. We had to beg a cab driver to get us over there after another cab driver kicked us out of his cab when we mentioned New Jersey. LOL

The view from the hotel was amazing. And we had a great time hanging out with old friends and making new one. A toast to table number 7.

I think my favorite was visiting the Brooklyn Museum to see the Murakami. It was a great exhibit. Floor to ceiling paintings and rooms papered with fun patterns. This little guy was my favorite.

I also got myself I new travel buddy. Maybe he can be my new jet setting partner. Hopefully he'll be able to visit a few more places this year. Meet Ibbs.

Its good to be home, and to be with the girls again. Its really hard to be away from them for so long. Maybe one day we'll take them on a road trip with us.

Whew... that was a long one.