28 February 2008

Mast Brothers Chocolate

While in design school, I was always interested in packaging design. So it doesn't surprise me that when I see something that has great packaging I tend to buy it. One of the reasons why my life is so cluttered.

Mast brothers chocolate. Love the patterned paper. Totally what I'm attracted to right now. We will be back in NY this year and I've already made a note to self to go to Williamsburg to find this chocolate. Looks like they can be found at the Artists & Fleas marketplace and Marlow & Sons.

26 February 2008

Summer school

I was just talking to my cousins about this. Summers growing up were not always fun and games. My grandma use to make use write....the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs hundreds of times. She thought it was going to help or penmanship, but I really think it just totally screwed it up. Most likely it was just busy work. She also had us reading the bible and even watching the cartoon versions. She also made us take naps. Which is the worst when you are a kid. We also had fun times. We lived right next to the park so we went swimming whenever we can. And my grandma did a lot of babysitting so there were tons of kids to play with.

Looking back. Maybe that's why I am not so screwed up now. (Besides my handwriting that is) Not only do I have tons of summer memories, but the discipline probably helped me make the right decisions to get to where I am.

Fontifier lets you make your own font using your very own crappy handwriting. Where was this when I was growing up. Imagine all the time I could of saved.

22 February 2008


Went to target last night to shop for all the little things I need for my vegas trip. Came across a product called Soap & Glory. I'm pretty sure that it was the packaging that I was so attracted to. I liked it enough to buy some lotion, face scrub and body wash. I just finished looking up their website and it seems to be still in development. Also found out that they now carry Converse. Reminds me of the time that Mossimo first teamed up with Target.

20 February 2008

Late night

Drove to Irvine last night so my cousin can give me a haircut. I know its crazy, and there must be a place in San Diego that I can go to for a haircut but nobody cuts my hair like her. We we closed the salon so we didn't leave til probably around 10pm. We met up with my other cousin at D&Bs at the Block. Happy hour is the best. We each had a drink and shared an appetizer and it only cost $20. I didn't get home til after 1am.

14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day

When MG woke up today he asked me what I got him for valentines day and I said...nothing! So I felt bad. Eventhough my time is very limited in the morning I decided to make him breakfast in bed. Brownie points for me.

09 February 2008

It's a jungle out there

Because of the recent rain fall in San Diego our back yard has turned into a jungle. We have a huge back yard but til recently had a working lawn mower. We finally went out and bought one so finally the girls have a yard to run around in. They were able to run in the jungle but had to hop over the millions of giant clovers. When they were in there the only thing you can see was the white tips of their tails. Both MG and I don't have the green thumb so gardening is the last thing in our minds. At least with the new forward moving lawn mower the jungle will never come back.

The jungle

The machine that took it down

Look you can see more than the tip of Reggie's tail

08 February 2008


Finally updated this darn blogger template. Spent some time tonight surfing the web looking for free templates, when I came across a site that closed because of the blogger update. So I went in a customize myself. I love this picture that I got from shutterstock. Every wednesday, shutterstock gives away a free stock photo and a vector file. I have to say this image of this chick is the best one that I have come across.

So with the old template I actually coded the titles to the blogs myself. Since I am now using a template from blogger the title is already coded into the template. I had to go in and delete all the titles to all my post. Yeah. It was a pain, but it was funny to read my post from 2 years ago.

It seemed like I loved work more in 2006. My work load back then was extremely low. As 06 turned to 07 and 07 turned you 08 I noticed more negative post about work. Like how tired I am or stressed. I still like work but the stress level shot up from 0 to 80 (out of 100) in just a couple of years. I am going to try not to blog about work. But it seems like its all I do. Well, I am going to Vegas at the end of the month with one of my best friends from high school. Leaving MG at home so that should be an interesting weekend. Maybe some interesting post will come out of that.

06 February 2008


Been surfing the web for a while. Can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I don't think I even know what I am looking for. I started with a bunch of crochet projects. By Christmas I was able to give out baby blankets, scarfs, wallets, beanies, arm warmers, and loofahs to my family and friends. Since then I've been making tons of scarves for myself... cowls, scarflets, long scarves, short scarves. You name it, I have it in every color. Now I'm bored. I don't want to make another scarf and I don't know what I want to make next. I think I lost my momentum. I was thinking about making a purse or tote but haven't found a pattern that I am totally in love with. One of these web surfing days, I guess I will find something.