09 October 2007

Whos Mike

While I was in Eugene Oregon I got to visit the Nike Museum. Eugene is the birth place of Nike so it actually was a big deal to my co-workers up there. When I first heard museum I thought...big building...big room...more like big wall.

I thought it was really funny that when the first shirt was made people asked...'Who's Mike?" I never noticed it til now.

02 October 2007

I am so TIRED

I am so so so tired. Can I say it more? The past few weeks have been really hectic. I think it all started in August. I mentioned that we had a few visitors. Well the chaos didn't stop there. Since then, went to Vegas, had a birthday thing at the Queen Mary, went to a wedding, went Eugene Oregon for work, went to San Francisco, back to Long Beach for my sisters birthday, and this weekend have another wedding to go to. And in between all that...work work work. Plus a couple of side jobs to throw in. The holidays are coming up. When the heck am I going to sleep. My poor dogs are being neglected. We haven't been to the dog run in ages.