23 February 2010

Challenge accepted

Year of the ox + baby picture + old school mini cooper + Chinese characters = birth announcement

21 February 2010

I'd rather be doing....

anything else besides this manual.

How do you make this pretty?

F = 80
logEC50 = logECF – (1/HillSlope)*log(F/(100 – F))
Y = Bottom + (Top – Bottom)/(1 + 10^((LogEC50 – X)*HillSlope))

09 February 2010

You just never know

With 2 beagles stuck indoors because of rain, you just never know what you will come home to.

Tired from a long day at work, I come home to find a trail of rice from the kitchen to the backyard. How they got a bag of rice is a mystery to me. The sound the vacuum made was pretty interesting.

Oh email blast

how I hate you. Now you have to drag me into a meeting. You at ruining my life.

Frickin UNICA

has me working til 12:30 am

04 February 2010