26 April 2007

Oh so close

Went to Belly Up on Wednesday to go see Sean Lennon perform. Can't tell you how excited I was. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole day. I brought his article from the Italian Vogue but was bummed that he didn't come out and sign autographs. I'm just glad I can say I actually say him live. I guess I can die happy.

24 April 2007

and we're back...

Maui was beautiful. Really, words can not describe the view I was waking up to every morning. I think my favorite time was me, coffee and a cigarette outside by the pool.

Morning view from backyard

Just one of the beautiful rainbows we saw

One of the waterfalls we stopped at while on the road to Hana

Oheo pools

Sunset from the backyard

09 April 2007

Holy Crap!!

Holy Crap!! Where did the time go. We leave for Hawaii on Saturday. I can't believe it. Seriously...I have mixed feelings. I like traveling so being in Hawaii will be great. The only thing is...I don't like the sun and I don't like water. I guess I will be staying in the shade and staring at the water from distance.