27 October 2009

Reggie's new bed

Since Reggie can't jump on the couch I got her a new bed. She needs something to prop her head up so this bed really works for her.

26 October 2009

Doodle of the day

I am somebodys favorite person

Momiji are message dolls...turn them upside down and inside you'll find a teeny tiny card, perfect for writing messages and sharing secrets. Spread the love!

R gave me one of these cute dolls for my 30th birthday. We planned on going to Tokyo but he brought Tokyo to me instead.

25 October 2009

Just got back from vacation

Came home to a dog with a slipped disc in her neck. What an ending to my week. My poor Reggie might need surgery if medicine and bed rest doesn't do the job.

15 October 2009