19 May 2008

Pack and Ship

Holy crap! How the heck am I gonna get this crap home. The first actual day of the How Conference just ended(sunday was pre-session), and I got a load of stuff to get back home. The resource center is insanely packed with people. The only booth I wanted to see was the Veer booth. I was brave enough to tell them that I picked the font for my tattoo from their website. Got me a sketch book and a sticker for that story. They also took a picture of it so maybe they will mention me in their lecture tomorrow. Good thing the conference has a pack and ship so I can just send this stuff off and not bring it with me to NY. I came out of the resource center with bags full of stuff cuz I figured I would sort out the things I didn't really want back in the hotel room. So just finished doing that and I still have a pretty heavy package to send home. Hopefully work doesn't mind.

Its been a hard, tiring, but really exciting couple of days. Got here on saturday and a coworker and I headed off to the North End for some lobster ravioli....YUM! Darn, I should of taken a picture of it. Both of us were pretty baffled to see a ton of people lined up for some pastries (Mikes Pastry and Modern Pastry) We might try to get back there before we leave to see what all the fuss was about.

Sunday I had a 9am session about CSS. Not the smartest move since there is a jet lag issue and I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to switch hotels (long story). Right after the session had to run back to the hotel to drop off some stuff before the studio tour. Really interesting to see the difference between the small agencies and large. I like the small agencies better. Then, it was opening keynote time so both K and I were beat. We decided to end the night at the hotel sushi place. Which wasn't bad, but we were just too tired to find something else.

Today wasn't so bad, had some really interesting lectures, still waiting for someone to truly inspire me. I got a couple of more days here so I'm crossing my fingers.