25 March 2010

What to do what to do

When you're on the freeway and a fender from the side of the road is coming at you. You let it hit you.

I couldn't do anyhjng else. The person behind me was one car length away. If I breaked, he would of hit me. If I swerved to the right, I would of hit someone. If I swerved to the left the damn thing would of still hit me.

09 March 2010

07 March 2010

Dland day with the cuzzos

Captain EO
I didn't care for the shaking but still good.

Expressionless Space Mountain.
Who won?

Buzz Lightyear.
Surprise surprise. Look who won.

Up next.
Alice in Wonderland

03 March 2010

Hey, I made that!

Went through the Nature media options guide for 2010 today and found a flash banner ad that I made. What heck! That thing is over 3 years old. Of all things to get published.

Still made my day.


It really died this time. I couldn't bring it back to life.

Goodbye my dear iPod.