26 February 2008

Summer school

I was just talking to my cousins about this. Summers growing up were not always fun and games. My grandma use to make use write....the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs hundreds of times. She thought it was going to help or penmanship, but I really think it just totally screwed it up. Most likely it was just busy work. She also had us reading the bible and even watching the cartoon versions. She also made us take naps. Which is the worst when you are a kid. We also had fun times. We lived right next to the park so we went swimming whenever we can. And my grandma did a lot of babysitting so there were tons of kids to play with.

Looking back. Maybe that's why I am not so screwed up now. (Besides my handwriting that is) Not only do I have tons of summer memories, but the discipline probably helped me make the right decisions to get to where I am.

Fontifier lets you make your own font using your very own crappy handwriting. Where was this when I was growing up. Imagine all the time I could of saved.

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