08 February 2008


Finally updated this darn blogger template. Spent some time tonight surfing the web looking for free templates, when I came across a site that closed because of the blogger update. So I went in a customize myself. I love this picture that I got from shutterstock. Every wednesday, shutterstock gives away a free stock photo and a vector file. I have to say this image of this chick is the best one that I have come across.

So with the old template I actually coded the titles to the blogs myself. Since I am now using a template from blogger the title is already coded into the template. I had to go in and delete all the titles to all my post. Yeah. It was a pain, but it was funny to read my post from 2 years ago.

It seemed like I loved work more in 2006. My work load back then was extremely low. As 06 turned to 07 and 07 turned you 08 I noticed more negative post about work. Like how tired I am or stressed. I still like work but the stress level shot up from 0 to 80 (out of 100) in just a couple of years. I am going to try not to blog about work. But it seems like its all I do. Well, I am going to Vegas at the end of the month with one of my best friends from high school. Leaving MG at home so that should be an interesting weekend. Maybe some interesting post will come out of that.

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