20 March 2008

How Design Conference

Registered for How Design Conference today. Really super excited about it. Its in Boston and I've never been so that's a plus. One of the hotels that the conference has lined up has you walking through 2 malls to get to the convention center. Not a good thing for me since I might make to any workshops. But I'm going to try to book the Sheraton since it is connected to the convention center.

My boss let me sign up for a preconference workshop and a Boston studio tour. I'm actually lucky that I get to go. There were at least 4 of us at work that wanted to attend and only 2 were chosen because of budget reasons. I tried booking my flight and register for a hotel but the dumb online travel center thing we have to use gave about 43 options for flights so I gave up. I'll try to get a person on the phone tomorrow.

Crazy thing is. Once I get back from the conference I will be leaving for NY. So basically 2 weeks off for me. Hooray! Actually need to use up my vacation time. I'm maxed out.

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