09 March 2008

The weekend of first

So Vegas last weekend. This was actually the first time I went to vegas without M. We road a limo from he airport to the hotel. Which was a first. FInally got to see the Wynn. We actually had dinner at Daniel Boulud Brasserie where I tired Jadori chicken, which is some chicken from Japan. Another first for me.

We had an horrible experience checking in at the Luxor the day before so we started Day 2 by switching hotels. I have to say, Planet Hollywood was awesome. The beds were comfy the pillows were fluffy and most important it was clean. We had the brunch. DId a ton of window shopping that day. For dinner that night we headed to NYNY. Finally had some chilean seabass. Buttery goodness. It was so good. We ended the night with Zumanity.

Zumanity wasn't what I expected to see from a Cirque Du Soleil show. This was an 18 and over kinda show. There was some funny parts. I got over the topless girls real quick. I think I wanted to see more Cirque Du Soleil and less discovering my sensual side.

The weekend turned out pretty good considering I've never met the other 2 girls in the group before. It was nice to get away for a little bit. Til next time.

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