09 June 2008

Lychee Martini

While I was in NY I had the best lychee martini at the Republic in Union Square. So every time I saw it on the menu I had to order one just to compare. R and I decided to make our own one day. The recipe called for some vermouth which made it very bitter. And the only lychee juice R can find, had Hello Kitty on the bottle. Needless to say, our version was not the same.

At my aunts birthday party this past weekend, my cousin introduced me to Soho Lychee Liqueur. So good. Just add some vodka and you are good to go. So good, that I'm planning on sending R some as a thank you gift for letting us stay at their place.

1 comment:

m.i.a. said...

That's funny, I usually drink the juice from the canned lychee and I add vodka to it. I didn't know it was actually a drink.