18 August 2008

My family tree just got bigger

Had a lot of family visiting this weekend. My weekend started on wednesday at the Angels game and from there was Soak City, the movies, and lots of Mario Party on the Wii. Before heading back to SD on Sunday, I discovered that my uncle on my dads side is a family friend of my uncle from my moms side.

I grew up not knowing anyone from my dads side of the family. He passed away before I was born and we left the PI when I was 6. So I only know my moms side of the family. Shame that I was on my way out when I met my long lost uncle. And I was in total shock so I really didn't know what to do, say or how to act. Was I suppose to run to him and hug him? I kinda just stood by the door way. I told my sister about it so maybe she can do some digging and we'll find that other half of our family.

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