02 August 2008

On the Tube—America's Best Dance Crew

I enjoyed watching Boogie Bots, but they really are not in the same league as Fanny Pak, SoReal Cru, and Super Cr3w. I'm so glad American voters came to their senses and actually voted correctly last week. Now to pick top 2. SoReal Cru is inventive, creative and really clean, but I still see them as a college dance crew. I guess I'm saying top 2 should be Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w. With Jabbawockeez winning last year, I think Fanny Pak should win. We don't need another all boy, breaking group to win. Nothing against Super Cr3w, cuz I was rooting for them the whole season, but the innovation of the Fanny Pak choreographer (Matt) is totally new and exciting. Makes you want to know what else he got.

Enough with my ranting... so who are you voting for?

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Zoie said...

Good words.