02 September 2008

It started at the races

Had a great Labor day weekend. Went to the Del Mar races for the first time. Hard to believe since I've in SD now for almost 5 years. It was pretty exciting. I only lost 2 of my races. But we were betting WPS so we didn't win the big bucks. The horse names were hilarious.

Had a BBQ at the house so I'm a little hung over this morning. I woke up early since I forgot to marinate the chicken the night before. Made pigs in a blanket, pasta salad, and some cupcakes. I had M test the grill around 11 to see if it was running properly. Good thing I did since it died on us. We thought we had a crisis in our hands. M went to walmart and had to buy a charcoal grill. 50 bucks!! I couldn't believe it. But it was our only option since he would of had to assemble a gas grill and we had no time for that. After figuring out how charcoal worked, our mini crisis was averted. The burgers and chicken turn out great. Both sides of our family showed up plus a few of Ms friends from work. Seemed like everyone had a good time.